Stop your DAMN excuses and just do it!

You know the saying, “If I had a nickle for every time you……., I would be rich”. Well I am not rich…maybe the saying should have included a dollar!!!

But I think you get the point.

Excuses come in all shapes and sizes and can make you do NOTHING! Yes you read that right! We all use them from time to time and it’s basically a scape goat from actually facing what you should be doing.

Now fitness is probably the most full of empty promises and excuses. It’s ok to make excuses from time to time but step one is admitting you really don’t need one and two, don’t complain about your excuses if you want to change your life. Sounds blunt but it’s supposed to be!

I would like to help you identify your excuses and break them down so you can get rid of them and start doing something!

Smash your excuses!

1. Time. Oh yes the “I don’t have any time” is the #1 excuse used within the fitness industry. We all have the same 24 hours in a day so have you ever asked yourself why some people have time to workout, go to work, make dinner, run their kids around, and take care of their house? It’s called time management. You HAVE time but you are not managing it well. This is an easy fix and once you schedule your day to reflect your values and tasks, you can most likely add a workout in daily. A tip I give my clients is to schedule and map out the whole week on a Sunday. this will help you manage all your tasks and schedule in things that are non-negotiables-like a workout!

2. Tired. See there is a catch here. You may be tired from your job, lifestyle, kids, etc. but exercising will give you back your energy. But the catch is…you need to be consistent and exercise daily. It’s like an energy bank account. When you exercise you add energy into the bank account and the more you add, the more you will have for all your other daily activities. So….tired now, energetic later!

3. Money. This can be a hard pill to swallow BUT money should not be an excuse to not working out. Walking, running, dancing are all FREE!!! So if you cannot join a fitness class or online membership you can move your body in other ways for free! However if you were to identify all the things you do spend money on, I am sure you could scale back on your “wants” and actually find extra cash for your favourite dance or fitness class! It’s a two way road folks!

4. Not fit enough. When did you need to be fit before beginning your fitness journey? I hear this excuse all too often and it’s completely manufactured. Moving your body and getting into better shape is not a fitness competition. This is all your perspective and most often is an excuse for a deeper feeling. Find a fitness community that supports, motivates, and keeps you accountable. This will encourage you and keep you going!

5. Self-Sabotage. You are doing so well-eating more nutritious foods, moving your body and then you go out for dinner and eat so much and dessert to top it off! You say to yourself, “I just ruined my progress and there is no point in continuing!” Fitness and Health is more of a lifestyle change that takes time to develop and you should never punish yourself for eating out or eating dessert. I teach my clients to live a balanced life and to be consistent in their fitness. This will lead to more impactful results. It will take time, but anything that requires patience, commitment, and dedication is worth it……can we say parenting LOL!

6. No Motivation. Motivation is what gets you started but consistency is what keeps you going. This is something that is often overlooked. When someone comes to me saying they are not motivated, I often reply back with, “that’s ok-I am not always either”! In my online community, I offer tools to establish daily routines that will keep you consistent in your fitness journey so you do not rely on motivation that is not always there. This way, there is no excuse not to get it done!

It’s really simple!

I coach people in fitness. I have lived through many of my own excuses of why I didn’t get started. The bottom line is to just smash all your excuses and just do it! If you need help establishing a daily routine, starting a fitness journey, or want to be part of a support and motivating community, then reach out! Your journey begins when you press START!

Much love,




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Michelle is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She’s be in the fitness industry for over 18 years and has dedicated her life to helping others

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