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Time for change

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all head this saying. But what we do with it is another thing!

The other day I was having a frustrating time with my two year old daughter over her outfit for the day. Yes I am already having these moments! However this day was different, instead of putting up a fight with her over the outfit, I chose to listen to her. For months she was not wanting to wear anything with longer sleeves. Instead of making her, I simply asked her, “Why”. And you know what, at two years old she told me exactly how she felt. She explained in her in cute, high pitch toddler voice, “I no like it!”.

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Children can teach you many things

In that moment I realized my daughter was standing up for herself and wanting change. She didn’t like the long sleeves and she didn’t want to wear them. So we went down to the kitchen, grabbed the sewing kit, took out the scissors and cut her sleeves off her dress. Her excitement and smile was the best. She couldn’t stop saying, “thank you mommy!” After months of being frustrated with the morning dress routine I am happy to report she is happy wearing only short sleeves!

It’s really amazing to see how even as young as a two year old you can proclaim what you want, what you feel, and how you want to go about you day. That’s the best thing about young kids. They can teach you a whole lot if you are willing to pause and listen.

How can this relate to fitness?

If you are unhappy in your skin or want to improve your fitness level than you need to change something. Talk is cheap is how the saying goes so pay up and start putting your thoughts into action!

If you want to re-write your script and change for the better, do these three things to help you get the ball rolling.

  1. Keep a journal. You may not be ready now to start your change but when you keep a journal, you are recording memories for you to re-visit one day. In five years from now you can look back at your journal and either relish in how far you’ve come OR realize you haven’t moved one bit (no pun intended). So write down your memories!
  2. Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timed) goals for yourself. You need to visualize yourself completing these goals to actually get your plan into action and see change.
  3. Change one thing. Start small. Don’t over commit and under deliver to your promise. Just be 1% better each day and you will notice results!
  4. Give yourself grace! Change cannot happen over night. It’s like a skill that takes practice and patience. The more you work at it, the better you will become. So if you slip up, get back up and keep trying.

We have one life. You either are running your life or your life is running you.


What are you going to choose?

If you are ready for change and need guidance, reach out!



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