When the world is upside down…choose kindness.

It seems everyone and their mother is on social these days and that means a lot more bullying behind a screen. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and instead of positivity, there is a lot more negative. If you go to any social page, news outlet, published articles, there is a lot of negativity that is being circulated and it’s toxic. So instead, choose kindness.

Mahatma Gandhi’s teaching center around happiness and his main lessons are What you think, What you say, and What you do should all be in harmony to achieve full happiness. Happiness fills your heart and can make you feel grateful for everything you have. It changes your perspective from materialistic things to invaluable things. Life’s most precious and valuable things are actually free!

A simple way to bring you closer to happiness is to perform simple acts of kindness. In these challenging times, a simple act can go a long way. Here are my top four acts of random kindness that can brighten anyone’s day and shield any negativity.

  1. Pick up a phone and call a friend to check up on them. You literally do not know who could use a call or a check in and that’s why this is so powerful. A simple, “Hi, how are you doing? I am thinking of you” is all you need to show you care. Most often the people who you least expect need that call…DO!
  2. A coffee/flower porch drop off. Who doesn’t like surprises??!! This is so powerful because it shows that you are being thoughtful and you went out of your way to get something for someone. We all could use more of these spontaneous gifts! Surprises are the spice of life!
  3. Helping someone in need. This can take on many forms from sponsoring a family during the Holidays to helping someone load their groceries at the store. The pandemic has made us fearful to offer a hand. And I have seen on many accounts for example elderly needing help and others just walking bye. It breaks my heart to see that. If anyone needs more support, it’s during the Holidays, especially during a pandemic where social interaction and finances could be low. Follow your heart and go above and beyond. The happiness it will bring you is immeasurable.
  4. A smile. How does it make you feel when someone smiles at you? You could be anywhere-store, school, work, bus stop-but when someone smiles at you, it feels nice. I know masks are the new norm but when you smile, your eyes raise up and you can tell that even while wearing a mask. It’s tough these days to smile but going the extra mile can make someone feel special and it will also make you feel better too. Never underestimate the power of a smile:)

Random acts of kindness should be a normal thing. Our lives have become consumed with “things” and doing something special for someone is almost cliché. I am here to spread positivity and awareness that kindness can go a long way. I try and demonstrate these four acts regularly and also allow my kids to help out. Teaching our children to be kind is in my opinion more valuable than any subject they could learn.

If you want to join a tribe that is positive, supportive and will keep you accountable, go to www.beactivelivebetter.com. We are all about choosing kindness and spreading positive vibes!

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Michelle is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She’s be in the fitness industry for over 18 years and has dedicated her life to helping others

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