I know you are probably singing that catchy song right now!!!

Celebrating wins can be a hard thing for most-especially if you are new in your fitness journey. But they are the key to feeling good about your progress and making your journey NOT about numbers.

Fitness can be centered around numbers-weights, days, measurements, the scale and often it leaves you feeling somewhat defeated if you do not meet that “certain” number. So by celebrating other accomplishments, you are more prone to feeling confident and continuing your fitness journey.

In our online fitness community we center our progress around other tangible notices such as:

  • How you feel in your clothes. We focus on internal feelings of confidence and use clothing as a measurement guide.
  • Eating for fuel. Nutrition can be a difficult habit to master so instead we incorporate manageable tips into our daily routine until we have learned how to eat for the activity we are doing. Examples are increasing your water intake, adding more green veggies into your diet, reducing processed foods.
  • Practicing gratitude and positive mindset. Our community is not just about fitness. We promote personal development through books, daily gratitude and meditations. Our philosophy is centered around holistic health-mind, body, spirit.

So when days are tough and you think you are not moving forward, take a moment to reflect on your journey.

Progress NOT perfection!



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Michelle is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She’s be in the fitness industry for over 18 years and has dedicated her life to helping others

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